Aromatherapy Essential Oil Basics

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a therapeutic natural practice that can be used to promote health, beauty and a sense of well being. Aromatherapy essential oils are used in this practice by a variety of methods, including inhalation, bathing and massage. When Aromatherapy essential oils are used in the bath or massage, it gets absorbed right through the skin and starts its healing effect.

As an aroma is inhaled by you, odor molecules enter your nostrils and drift up toward your olfactory receptors. As soon as the receptors identify an odor; the nerve cells relay this information directly to the limbic system. The only sensory pathways that open directly into the brain are the olfactory nerve cells. The limbic system is a group of deep brain structures that are involved in the sense of smell. Memories and their influence on emotions and behavior can be triggered by odors. The aroma is recorded by the brain twice as fast as it does pain. This can be the perfect reason for powerfully transforming the emotions by inhalation of aroma. The limbic system deals with the nervous system, respiratory, circulatory and immune systems of our bodies.

When aromatherapy essential oils are inhaled, your brain and respiratory system get invaded by them. When they enter your lungs, molecules of aromatherapy oils attach themselves to oxygen molecules and are carried into your blood stream and circulated to every cell in your body. Within the cells itself, aromatherapy oils can activate the body’s ability to heal itself and improve health. Aromatherapy has been proven to increase productivity levels, information retention, and relaxation which have been put forward by the international scientific research.

Aromatherapy Tips

Practicing Aromatherapy at home is not as complicated as you might think. Here are a few very simple instructions to make essential oils. Now you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at your home with these instructions that follows:

For relief of hot flashes in perimenopause, take a sponge bathe with a few drops of Clary Sage Essential Oil in cool water.

To relieve menstrual cramps. Massage Neroli oil blended with a carrier oil into the lower abdomen to relieve menstrual cramps.

For younger, radiant looking skin.A few drops of Sweet Orange essential oil added to a facial wash or shower gel encourages radiant, younger looking skin.

Cleanse and tighten pores.A few drops of spearmint oil in bath water has a refreshing effect while a facial steam helps cleanse and tighten pores.

Acne. For the occasional pimple, apply 1 drop of Tea Tree essential oil directly to acne spots.

Swollen feet or ankles. Benefit from a cool foot bath with Lavender Essential Oil. Just add 5-10 drops in your foot bath and soak your feet for 20-30 minutes.

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